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OS X is the world's worst, least secure and least efficient operating system. Made by the world's worst computing company, Apple Inc. Based on UNIX.

In realilty, it may not be THE worst, but it sure isn't anywhere near the best. They are basiclaly an over complicated GUI running an out dated Operating System. Kind of like Windows, only Windows isn't spending half your computer's power trying to emulate another operating system like Mac is.

Lets not forget they only support Intel, the single worst processor on the market.

Do yourself a favor:
Buy a Windows PC. If you give a rats ass about security, which you shouldn't, because you're a nobody and nobody is going to hack a nobody, get Linux.

Linux is the most efficient and secure operating system, which is why 80% of servers run on linux, about 4.9% run on windows, about 15% run on FreeBSD, and about 0.1% run on Mac. The only downside is that most distributions run on linux native instead of FAT32, which causes it to be next to impossible to play .exe games. However, there are distributions which run .exes like Xandros, with the FAT32 operating system, and are therefore even better than Windows, even if it's slight.

Everyone knows, the only reason Mac has the least viruses is because it has the smallest percent of both the server and home desktop market shares.
Windows User: Why the hell are you using Mac OS X for games when the games were made for WINDOWS?

Mac User: Because I'm a dickhead and like to fit in by paying $1000 for an oversized paper weight!
by nof99 September 03, 2007

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