OPG is an abbreviation for Original Photography Gangster, also often referred to as Original Photography Gangsta.

An OPG refers to a note-worth or prominent figure in the photography world. Such characters may have invented a key photographic device or technology. However, most often OPG status is designated to established photographers that have been said to have greatly influenced future work in the field of photography.
- Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Ansel Adams and Diane Arbus were total OPGs.
- What about Sherrie Levine?
- Eh, she's kind of like the Milli Vanilli of photography, I think you meant Walker Evans.
by twitter.com/photorapper July 08, 2009
Top Definition
OPG is the abbreviation of the YouTube group Our Pizza Gang. Our Pizza Gang is an internet group featuring @WeeklyChris, @CrawfordCollins, @AlexErnst, @JustinEscalona, @MrTukie, @JakeFoushee, and @ZachLilley.
"When's the next OPG video coming out?"

"A new video comes out every day. Have you even watched one of their videos?"
Outdoor Performance Gear. Loved my white people everywhere.
White Person #1:

Damn that's some sweet OPG your wearing. Where did you buy that?

White Person #2:

Thanks, I buy all my Patagucci at Any Mountain.
by Bunnybun August 05, 2009
OPG Original Polish Gangsta.
Im the first one. An OPG is just like an OG but just from Poland.
>>Look at that OPG!
>>That OPG just slapped that hoe
>>That OPG rockin in his Nike Zoom Lebron II
by The OPG himself...Rafal December 18, 2004

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