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an exclamation of surprise (originally from NY City area, can be good or bad
That girl's gorgeous.
by Gary M June 19, 2003
A term of complete surprise. Normally directed towards the physical description of the opposite sex.
OOFAH! That was hot!


Hey Rolando, did you see that girl at lunch? She was wearing the hottest outfit! OOFAH!
by 5th floor peoples May 02, 2006
A misconception of the Noreweigan phrase "Uf Dah". Can be used for relief or as a sign of disappointment.
Uf-dah oofah! that was a close one Sven!
by Sam23432432423 January 13, 2009
Noise or expression. It is the sound a Swedish person, typically males, make while orgasming...or close to orgasming. Not limited to the Swedish population; this noise may also slip out of anyone's mouth while experiencing extreme pleasure.
"Oh baby...I'm about to cum...." --OOFAH, OOFAH, OOFAAAHHHH-- "...oh baby...I love it when you tickle my balls like that..mmmm"
by The Dudeaz69 July 10, 2008
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