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ONM is an acronym of "Oh, Never Mind"; typically used in texting. It basically means "oh forget it". Not typically used with sarcasm.
Ann Marie - "What did you mean when you said I could help you?"
Steve - "ONM. I finished it myself."
by AMarie0908 December 14, 2010
or Official Nintendo Magazine. A fanboyish magazine where a bunch of pricks review games on nintendo consoles, if the game is made by nintendo and ONM review it it's almost guarenteed to score over 80%

It also has a forum that coincides with it and is full of a bunch of 10 year old cocks and 40 year old paedos 'Steven666'. The mods are all cunts aswell.
Dude 1: You still buy ONM?
Dude 2: BAHAHA As if I buy that shit.
Dude 1: Well do you still go on the forum.
Dude 2: Witht he pricks that are on there, no thanks.
Dude 3: ONM IS SHIT.
by Soap MacTavish April 27, 2008

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