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an ass so beautiful, it makes you cry.
(ass sliced onions do)
An ass that is so mesmerizing to look at that it gives you an instantaneous chubby.
Check out the onion butt on that slut!
by weave April 02, 2003
An Onion-Butt is ther perfect ass on a woman or man. The word Onion-Butt has said to make the grown man cry because it is so beautiful.
Damn, that girl got an Onion-Butt!!!
by Steve Y October 17, 2005
So beautiful it makes a nigga wanna cry.
"wow, thats an onion ass, im tearin up baby"
by nitey March 29, 2005
A butt so amazing it brings tears to one's eyes.
Jim: Hey Scoot, you see that hostess?
Scooter: Damn, she's fine and check out that Onionbutt!
by Nefmaster July 20, 2011
Someone who has an ass so fine it makes you want to cry.
"I like girls with big tits and an onion butt!"
by angeleyes228 January 08, 2012
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