how dumb people spell "omg" (they mix up the "g" and the "q" because they look similar-ish)

-omq, i jst broke a nail!
-um... u mean "omg"
by WachaThankULookinatFool March 12, 2012
the gangsta way to say OMG, qurlllllll
omq, i <3 ya boo
by frostedflakes42 December 06, 2011
Said when something surprises or shocks you. Meaning: Oh my queef.

Substitute for the well-known, OMG.
OMQ! Adam Sandler is soo hot!
by whoeversaidthatwaswrong! August 22, 2010
A variation on the acronym "omg" (oh my god), used in the Massassi Temple chatroom when god was said to have no place in the chat.

Can mean "Oh my quaker" or "oh mad quack"
OMQ! Look who's here!
by lat December 23, 2002
O-M-Q!!! This soup has a leg in it!!
by Davis D. Pancake November 02, 2007
Oh my Qod, or Quack. The actual meaning is lost, and shrowded in mystery.
OMQ! She's dead Jim!
by Oh-Mi-Qu-aa-d/Qu-ah-ck March 24, 2003
Commonly also referred to as an abreviation for "Oh-Mad-Quack!"
Muurn: Cazor, I want to have your man babies.
Cazor: OMQ YES!
by Cheddar March 25, 2003

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