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3 definitions by Cheddar

beg unit is an extension of a beg friend, can be one or more people who beg other people for favours, money etc in situations where they are not wanted

See beg friend
'I hate that danny s bloke, he's such a beg unit'
by Cheddar October 22, 2004
3 2
where you cant escape. get fucked up at high rates.
Where the hardcore mutha fuckas live.. place in Naptown where dope is everywhere biatch. CAPE 4 LIFE
by Cheddar October 09, 2003
10 22
Commonly also referred to as an abreviation for "Oh-Mad-Quack!"
Muurn: Cazor, I want to have your man babies.
Cazor: OMQ YES!
by Cheddar March 25, 2003
14 28