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Oh, my Flyng Spaggetti Monster. More funny version of OMG
Moron1: I hacked Microsoft's webpage last night.
Moron2: OMFSM! That's Incredible!
by OMFSM September 19, 2007
"Oh, My Flying Spaghetti Monster!" is an atheist's version of OMG... and yes, it is also more funny. A "Z" may be added at the beginning for extra emphasis ;-)
Zomfsm... that's the best new-ish acronym yet!
by saturn_000 February 23, 2008
OFSM ( Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster)
It's an atheist version of OMG ( Oh My God).
Guy "OMFSM did you see that?"
Guy 2 "Yeah totally!"
by Zombieleon January 09, 2010
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