when someone doesn't really care what someone else says; thinking that the person is weird.
Example 1
Person 1: Your weird!
Person 2: Okay?

Example 2
Person 1:I heella ate sum nasty candy!
Person 2: Okay?
#okay... #otay? #ok? #ok... #ur weird
by someoneuno October 08, 2009
A phrase often used to show ones indifference towards another's opinion or statement. It also can show how the person read what you said, but did not bother to try to figure out what it means. It is the sibling of the word "K" showing that the person often didn't bother to read what you had to say
Person A: "Someone just pushed me over and I dropped what I was eating"
Person B: "Okay?"

Person A: (-long story about a tragic death in the family-)
Person B: Okayyy?
#okay? #k #ok #k? #okayyy? #kay?
by panzervor June 22, 2013
What you say when a girl who likes you tells stories about herself and she is really into it, but in reality you find her talk boring and that she is sorta a dumb bitch.
Ashley: Oh my god, I is that tape! I totally remember this time when I stuck it on this guy I liked!

Me: Okay (*Thinks* just shut up bitch)
#boring #whore #story #bitch #shush
by Ilikebread July 06, 2011
Its that feeling that you feel when you're able to smile and laugh, but you're still not feeling happy. It's that gray space between feeling happy or sad.
How are you?

Im okay
#okay #feeling #ok #gray space #used
by No need to know me October 08, 2014
slang word used when you have nothing else to say, nutholes say okay!
"Oh-kay GUY"
by Jobo Farbo April 13, 2003
#okay #ok #okie #mate #yo
by rernern June 08, 2014
In reponse to a question:
1) Yes, agreement, or accord
2) All right
3) That's fine
In response to I love you:
4) I love you too
1,2,3) Do you want to go swimming tomorrow?
4) I love you
#yes #ok #o.k. #sure #yeah #uh-huh #agreement #accord #love
by AkaneSaga March 10, 2011
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