1. What a woman will say in retrospect to describe a man she never would have noticed had her girlfriend not pointed him out, is not attracted to and doesn't care to remember.

2. Word used to pacify someone making an unreasonable or irritating demand.
1. "How about you go to the wedding with my brother, Harry? You remember Harry, right?"
"Harry?" *struggles to recall his mediocre features and mini-gut* "He's....okay. But not exactly who I had in mind."

2. "You're going to clean out the garage today, right hun?"
*doesn't look up from videogame* "Okay Mom."
by sadbuttrue September 23, 2004
Something to say when you really don't care what someone else is talking about
John: Dude, I just beat my high score in space invaders!!
Jack: Okay...
by milkboyXD May 10, 2008
When spoken once, a friendly affirmative response. Two times, an often distressed manner of settling a conversation. Thrice, and one will unleash upon the world a Pandora's box of unending verbal volleys that few have lived through to tell the tale.
Guy 1: "Okay, okay, o..."
Guy 2: "Ah...better not do that now."
by Mr. Wa February 17, 2009
A word to describe the feeling of love.

When some infinities are bigger than other infinities.
Augustus Waters: Maybe okay will be our always.

Hazel Grace Lancaster: Okay

Augustus: Okay

Hazel: Okay
by lauren <(^_^)> June 09, 2014
pronounced O-KAY! with a high ending pitch. meaning the bizzomb.
you're at a concert and your favorite performer starts singing their number one hit and your reaction is:

by flower funk November 12, 2011
1. the word provided in place of an actual opinion or thought, usually to avoid social discrepancies

2. common adjective describing ugly women who have a good personality
1. you look okay

2. your girlfriend is okay
by The Morning Star December 22, 2005
Its the proper Follow to What?
"Have a nice flight."
by Superhero May 12, 2004
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