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A Samoan word used to indicate surprise.
Oka! Sole, makua kele lou magava. Soia e ke ai so'o.
Oh my word! Sir, your belly is quite large. Have you considered dieting?

Oka, fefe!
Oh my heavens!
by samohen March 30, 2012
ORIGIN: Derived from a Polynesian language (believed to be Samoan or Hawaiian) meaning "Oh, God".

DEFINITION: Oh my God, check him out, he's HOT! (used in gay context)

COMMON USE: When you see a hot guy and you want your friends to check him out without the guy knowing, you say "O'ka!" And they look at the direction you were looking. If they agree, they respond with "Trust!", and if not, they say "NO'ka", meaning "NOT O'ka".

OTHER DEVIATIONS: FO'ka (female O'ka... when a gay guy finds a female to be attractive)
Todd: O'ka!!!
Dean: Where?
Todd: 9 o'clock.
Dean: *gay inhale* TRUST! He is fizzine!
by Robrandt May 15, 2006
"Oka" is used when you are not mad enough to say "ok" or "K"; but you're also not happy enough to say "Okay"
by Popcorn45 August 16, 2015
The shortened version of "Okay"

Usually used when typing and you accidently forget the "y" at the end of "okay"
Person 1- "Yo sup bitch?"
Person 2- "Not much,getting ready for schoo"
Person 1- "Coo, let's go"
Person 2- "Oka"
by Kribby July 06, 2006
Same meaning as ok just spelt oka, taken from the propagandhi song oka everywhere and made into a word in 2000
How was the show?
It was oka
by Mr Miyagi May 26, 2004
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