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Orange Juice
Yo Yo! pass me a OJ G!
by Arya F April 03, 2003
Almost every 15 year old boys dream, Receiving a blowjob while drinking minute-made orange juice from the box.

A OJ can only be accomplished using minute-made any other juice and or juice combinations the OJ will be ruined/slandered.
She let me drink OJ with the BJ.
Total OJ,
by SirWhatshisname January 19, 2012
/oh-jay/ adjective

Something yelled out by a Call Of Duty online multiplayer when he kills another player using his knife, tactical knife, or throwing knife. Of course this is referring to O.J. Simpson brutally murdering his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman with a knife in 1994. It also refers to a comedy skit by Dave Chappelle in which people yell out a sports star’s name prior to duplicating a heinous or despicable act they are famous for committing.
“OJ! Double-OJ! Triple-sow-cow turkey hat-trick OJ! Dude I am cutting these little kids uuuuup!”
by PDX Pilot 1 November 03, 2013
Operation J. Sorry, I can't say exactly what it is - it's classified information. But at least I can tell you this: it tastes awesome.
Person 1: Sweet, sweet O.J.!

Person 2: Freshly squeezed.

Person 3: What the hell is O.J.?!

Persons 1 and 2: Wow, Person 3...
by ADM. August 03, 2010
Only jesting, drived from jk but better.
Dude, calm down , I was OJ!
by ophelia556 December 28, 2011
pure sunshine in a can from a broken vending machine!
(kick, kick) I finally got my oj!
by Le Real French Ninja April 25, 2011
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
Short for "Orgasm Juice". Astonishingly, most people assume you're referring to "Orange juice" when you ask them: "Do you like O.J.?".

A dumb "Joke" pulled by bored, immature nerds everywhere.
Nerd 1: Do you like O.J.?

Nerd 2: Yes. Why?

Nerd 1: Hah, Hah! You like Orgasm Juice!

Nerd 2: Screw you! At least I can get some!
by anthropomorphicwolf January 14, 2010