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An acronym used for the words "Oh Hell Brotha!!!" Usually used when a nigga is shocked or surprised, which is very rare. However, when used by an asian, it indicates that they just owned you in a Rubik's Cube-Off,Halo 3 or anything else for that matter.

Or this can be used when you're cheesed.
*When Cheesed

Paul: I just owned you in Halo 3 Kung Pao!!!

Kung Pao: OHB!!!!!

*When an asian owns you

Kung Pao: I got 7.01 seconds what was your time?

Paul: My cube broke...

Kung Pao: OHB

*When a Nigga get's suprised

Just imagine it.

by Vinalon07 April 26, 2009
38 21
Acronym for One Hot Bitch. Also, it is a hard rock song by the band Racer X from the Superheroes album (2000).
Damn, that's an O.H.B. over there...
by amdjunkie064 September 26, 2010
4 3
short form for operation hot bod. refers to gymming or going for some intense work out.
don't worry. OHB starting from now!
by Ciki January 19, 2011
9 11
Short for "Old hateful bastard"
"I'm sick of that O.H.B."
"So's his wife"
by JIM February 18, 2004
3 5
One Hot Bitch. The woman everyone stops and looks at in the street.
John is talking to Ron in the office hallway;
John: Ron have you seen Suzie today, she has the nicest set of legs I've have ever seen.
Ron:I know. She sure is OHB.
by I love OHB June 29, 2007
19 26
One hit bowl. A small marijuana pipe.
I'm kind of of low on hooters. Let's do dom OHBs.

C&H ? How 'bout an OHB ?
by Ham King February 05, 2010
5 13