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An acronym used for the words "Oh Hell Brotha!!!" Usually used when a nigga is shocked or surprised, which is very rare. However, when used by an asian, it indicates that they just owned you in a Rubik's Cube-Off,Halo 3 or anything else for that matter.

Or this can be used when you're cheesed.
*When Cheesed

Paul: I just owned you in Halo 3 Kung Pao!!!

Kung Pao: OHB!!!!!

*When an asian owns you

Kung Pao: I got 7.01 seconds what was your time?

Paul: My cube broke...

Kung Pao: OHB

*When a Nigga get's suprised

Just imagine it.

by Vinalon07 April 26, 2009
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Acronym for One Hot Bitch. Also, it is a hard rock song by the band Racer X from the Superheroes album (2000).
Damn, that's an O.H.B. over there...
by amdjunkie064 September 26, 2010
Short for "Old hateful bastard"
"I'm sick of that O.H.B."
"So's his wife"
by JIM February 18, 2004
short form for operation hot bod. refers to gymming or going for some intense work out.
don't worry. OHB starting from now!
by Ciki January 19, 2011
One Hot Bitch. The woman everyone stops and looks at in the street.
John is talking to Ron in the office hallway;
John: Ron have you seen Suzie today, she has the nicest set of legs I've have ever seen.
Ron:I know. She sure is OHB.
by I love OHB June 29, 2007
One hit bowl. A small marijuana pipe.
I'm kind of of low on hooters. Let's do dom OHBs.

C&H ? How 'bout an OHB ?
by Ham King February 05, 2010

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