1) original gangster
2) original
1) My bro used to roll with the real OGs 'fore he got locked up. Fought old school, knucks and chains.
2) Damn, i didnt know you're pops was in the OG Guns N Roses.
by randomvs August 10, 2005
Og is magical word, that can mean anything and EVERYTHING in the world.
1) Iz it og?
2) Fuck og
3) I have no og.
by Gypsy Rose March 22, 2005
an old guy
a guy that isn't really old but abuses his seniority or thinks he is wise over people not much younger than him
The police officer that stopped me was such an OG, I was only going two over the speed limit
by foruguy July 12, 2008
Original Ginger. One who was born a ginger then dyes their hair to trick the world into thinking he/she has a soul.
Kid 1: Ryan has blonde hair. He must have a soul.
Kid 2: Don't be fooled! He's an OG!
by Megatr0no0o0o October 08, 2010
Slang for the Olive Garden.
Hey guys who wants to have bottomless soup at the OG?
by Luke Prtz January 14, 2008
online gangster
o.G: yo man i be repping my hood for all dem playas
russiandude:wtf ive never seen u outside always on the computer watchin porn... and your white
by russiandude November 10, 2003
O.G is what T.I. is.. and hes like real hot too but thats besides the point.. O.G means Original Gangsta and ya aint no O.G if ya dont even kno wut one means so iight dont pose to be one biatch!! fake ass wannabes..
"I graduated frum da streets imma real O.G"
"Dat nigga tryna act like an O.G when he kno he as white as my.."
by Boricua Mamii April 20, 2005

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