Oral Sex.

Textbook definition for Oral-Genital Contact
Did you do the PVI or just have OG?
by Jeff Jism July 06, 2005
"Overly Gorgeous" ,Originally Gaga factor x 10, Va va va voom, Easy to like

OG shouldn't be used to refer to your mom or any other person over the AGE of 30. It is a slang term that arose in the suburbs of Florida. It can easily be used in everyday conversation. It should be taken as a compliment.
Maggie your like so OG right now - its not even funny.
Maggie replies: Victoria Secret Beauty couldn't even beat that!
by Ms. Stephers Magilicious June 27, 2007
1. Official Gangsta

Like Certified Gangsta (CG)
Look at that OG ova there
by Rats McGee May 22, 2005
An OG is normally a member of a gang Who has been around for some time and has put in a large amount of work e.g. Killing enemy gang members. Therefore he is considered a more respected/ higher class member in the gang.
Gangster : Damm that guys put in so much work, Hes what you call a real OG .
by bosh1234hh May 10, 2009
To fuck (sexual manner)someone without any tissues or phone numbers attached. Emotionally devoid sex. Usually done only in the doggy style position to avoid any eye contact and thereby eliminate any risk of attachment.
Not gender specific.
1. Crikey she's daft - but I'd og her senseless

2. Oh him? Nah he's really only good for a good og'ging - don't expect a toe massage with it.

3. I think we had a good og once, but I can't be sure I didn't really get that good a look at his face...
by MuddlePuddle March 05, 2007
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