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o g
Means original gangsta. Og's rocked the rap game at its core such og's are Biggie and Pac, Dre and The Game also you could say 50cent and G-unit as well as NWA
Little homies know who the og's are smoking on the c-gar find you up in ER
by PAki chan May 31, 2005
short nickname for "orgasm"
boy: Did you really o.g. last night when we had sex?

girl: Yes, it was the best o.g. of my life!
by chellie December 13, 2003
o g
adjective: old, from a long time ago, not in use anymore.
"you not still playin' with yoyos are you? that's hella o g."
by aphrodite September 29, 2005
OG- n, adj. Original Gangster; "Original Gangsta", a gangster that stays true to himself and his set.
Damn, that homie is an og!
by ogjemcintyre October 10, 2014