O.G is what T.I. is.. and hes like real hot too but thats besides the point.. O.G means Original Gangsta and ya aint no O.G if ya dont even kno wut one means so iight dont pose to be one biatch!! fake ass wannabes..
"I graduated frum da streets imma real O.G"
"Dat nigga tryna act like an O.G when he kno he as white as my.."
by Boricua Mamii April 20, 2005
Means original gangsta. Og's rocked the rap game at its core such og's are Biggie and Pac, Dre and The Game also you could say 50cent and G-unit as well as NWA
Little homies know who the og's are smoking on the c-gar find you up in ER
by PAki chan May 31, 2005
short nickname for "orgasm"
boy: Did you really o.g. last night when we had sex?

girl: Yes, it was the best o.g. of my life!
by chellie December 13, 2003
adjective: old, from a long time ago, not in use anymore.
"you not still playin' with yoyos are you? that's hella o g."
by aphrodite September 29, 2005
A strain of Kush and also has the meaning of Original Gangster.
Dammmnnnn that OG Kush be dank!
by ecc206 November 10, 2014
OG- n, adj. Original Gangster; "Original Gangsta", a gangster that stays true to himself and his set.
Damn, that homie is an og!
by ogjemcintyre October 10, 2014

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