Original or Old Gangsta,
You have to be in a gang
Have a rep
And have been to jail or killed someone
"I'm back from the slammer striaght up OG now!"
by Shaw Shank December 23, 2005
The original or old school version of any animate or inanimate object.
I bought one of them 70's vans with the o.g. designs on the side.
by King Willy March 22, 2005
Over Gold. Used to refer to someone wearing enough gold to kill them.
See Mr T.
"That motherfucka just won the lottery, he's gonna totaly og"
by Ein December 30, 2004
A pimp; A high chief; One who answers to noone else.
Derived from the 6th century word for an occupier of Ogham's Hill in what is now modern day Wales.
Dude, did you see Smitty meet and walk off with that chick in like three minutes of talking to her? What a fucking OG.
by Shnoop July 25, 2004
Old Gangster- any ganster that has killed before
OG is hard to classify, so out of context it is hard to place
by sher September 25, 2003
OG: Someone who registered on OT in either 2000 or 2001 would be called an Original Gangster.
Mike: Wow, you're really an OG?

Bill: Ya rly.

Mike: Can I be an OG too?

Bill: No. OG doesn't mean "Been here a while gangster".
by BobnNeal August 02, 2006
Means Original Gangsta
To be a REAL OG, you have to be in a street gang. There are 3 steps to getting OG status
1.Build yourself a reputation
2.Have your name and your gang associated, so wenever sumone thinks of you, they think of your gang.
3.Show yourself of a promotor of your gang.
Read "Monstor". "An autobiography of an LA gang member."
by secret cant tell May 28, 2005

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