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meaning "Oh F---, Oh Dear". Established in Spring Creek, Nevada as a way of life in early 2008. Also, a great response to show concern for friends while they discuss a shameful story about the night before. Is also soon to become a popular clothing line. When using the abbreviation "OFOD" in a sentence, the individual usually states each letter so that it is O.F.O.D.
When John slept with Jane from that bar in Elko, Sally pronounced, "OFOD!".
by A grizzly bear's friend February 24, 2009
Old Fogies of Doom. Fogies, which are old, who play Doom.

A clan of older Doom players who tend shun the younger crowd for their inability to act like human beings.

Founded in June of 2002.
Wow! OFoD Suxors!! LOLWTF?!
by Jippy January 04, 2004
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