Stands for the Occidental Electro Syndicate, the western world's superior counterpart to the Swedish House Mafia.
Yo nigga OES killed it tonight I was rollin balls!!!
by Alex Osbourne July 14, 2010
Top Definition
Old English Sheepdog, used primarily for driving sheep to market. Generally the breed has docked tails, thus their nickname being the 'Bobtail'. Intelligent and good-natured.
The Old English Sheepdog on their farm was great with the kids, its furry coat made it look like a teddy bear.
by xoLullaby March 17, 2005
See Ocean's Eleven Syndrome
Ocean's Twelve has a serious case of OES.
by BDT December 14, 2004
A term that can be added to the end of any word. Generally this is done to create conversation amusement.
<George> "Did you drink on the weekend Stu?"
<Stu> "Beeroes !!!"
<George> "What are you talking about Stu?"
<Stu> "Whatoes !!!"
<George> "You're a wanker Stu !"
<Stu> "Wankoes !!!"
<George> "I'm going."
<Stu> "Go-oes !!!"
by Stu October 19, 2003
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