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When there are an unreasonably excessive amount of attractive people in any given situation. Stemming from the 2001 motion picture starring Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney, among others.
Tonights episode of Jay Leno was suffering from Ocean's Eleven Syndrome. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Orlando Bloom, and Beyonce were the guests.
by BDT November 23, 2004
The hand of choice (left or right) in which you primarily utilize in handling cocks (your own, others' etc.)
In the movie Phone Booth, Colin Farrell slaps a prostitute on the hand to which she exclaims: Bitch, you gone done wrecked my cock hand!
by BDT December 02, 2004
What you have to do after something makes you laugh so much you: can't breath, your stomach hurts, you get that little pain in the back of your head, etc.
Damn girl that was so funny, I had to Woo It Out!
by BDT November 23, 2004
See Ocean's Eleven Syndrome
Ocean's Twelve has a serious case of OES.
by BDT December 14, 2004
Simply, a good fuck.
Person 1: I'm sad.
Person 2: You know what you need? A GF (good fuck).

Also: That Dan, hes such a GF.
by BDT November 23, 2004

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