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One Awesome Dude
"Damn Alex is OAD.....he came through when no one else did"
by f.y.b.j. May 31, 2009
Obsessive Anushka Disorder...When you are Obsessed with Anushka and you can't do anything to stop it!
DUDE: hey dude I have OAD
Other dude: WHAO
by iHaveOAD January 04, 2009
Stands for "Dilated AssHole" (Orificio Anal Dilatado)
Sebas has O.A.D, because I fucked him hard last night
by Anonymous(El Colo) March 24, 2006
Off all day. When a member of the service industry has an entire day off; as opposed to off in the morning, off in the evening, or doubling
Lets fucking rage tomorrow, I'm OAD.
by Ekmily May 27, 2014
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