1. Exceptionally hairy man, short in stature, with a sour disposition.

2. A feral male pygmy.

2. A Danny DeVito wanna-be.
"You wanna re-run of Trilogy Of Terror, just ask that O'Hara about his love life."
by ratboy July 20, 2004
Top Definition
irish folk who either live on a farm, have lived on a farm or their parents / grandparents lived on a farm.

O'Hara's that don't live on a farm yearn to have their very own cow.
O'Hara person: "i wish i had a cow..."

friend: "..."
by epicc person April 22, 2011
An Irish originated surname.
Guy - "What is her last name?"
Girl - "O'Hara. She's a lovely girl and she's from Ireland!"
by A.L.O December 22, 2013
irish slang for rappist.
tyron is ohara i dont want to pass out around him.
by happy dogs February 09, 2008
1) An abreviation for "oh hairy";

2) slang term for a hairy penis;

3) Can refers to short, often sharp, genital fuzz;
a) "damn, your chest is O'Hara"

b) "My O'Hara is itchy, i think i might have caught somthing"

c) " Ouch! your O'Hara cut my thigh and now i am bleeding"
by critical thinking hurts me February 10, 2010
an expression of complaint usually spoken towards a person who has done something stupid or destructive
O'Hara! You trampled my daisies when you walked through the garden.
by John Q. Public July 20, 2003
A crappy private school. About half their school are ugly-ass girls with penises. Founded by a man with no genitalia, the school requires that all students suck the wooden penis located at the front of the school at least once a day.

Classes there include:

Homosexual Sex class
Anal Sex followed by blowjobs class
Castration class
I wish I went to the Prep class
My parents don't love me class

There are no sports teams at O'Hara, since they were all disbanded after never winning a single game ever.
God hates O'Hara.
Your mom was O'Haraing outside on the porch last night.

Damn, I should stop her. That's illegal in all fifty-one states, including Canada.

I hate O'Hara. I'm just going to end up working as a janitor at the Prep when I grow up.
by B Keel May 04, 2005
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