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A beautiful girl. Stunning. She lights up any room she walks into with her beauty. She is beautiful both inside and out. People instantly fall in love with her amazing personality.
Person 1: Wow, is that a Goddess?

Person 2: No, that's Nyree!!

Person 1: Daaaamn!
by Swimma! May 25, 2013
This is a person, normally a woman, with an amazingly big heart that can shock you. She is sometimes blinded but her big heart, but it is always for the good. She looks amazing all the time and has a personality as big as the moon. Even though she is one of the sweetest and most amazing people ever, don't end up on her bad side. You have been warned.
The best, sweetest, and most amazing person is, of course, Nyrees... AKA--> NyeNye. <3
by nora13<3 April 04, 2011
a wee hamster, thats like to feed her pony and is at her happiest when eating food!
nyree is found rioting the streets of glasgow with her friend nicole stealing from chemists, condoms and other sexual items
by kieron haden trueman moore November 04, 2012
Sexy, smart, awesome body, always taken😌, known to be nice at times, rebellious when want to, don't get on her bad side you will regret !everyone wants to be Nyree
Guy 1: who's that sexy girl coming with that nice body?

Guy2: That's nyree I'd totally smash bro!
by Queenie💘 July 03, 2016
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