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It's a fun-loving girl name that means beauty and adorable. Yet she doesn't know it, she gets complimented but doesn't like to except them. She is every ones friend but dislikes some. She takes live seriously and likes fast and hard and when she's crushed she doesn't like to show it but she does tell those closest to her. But she's bubbly and cute and friendly and funny and an Amazayn friend
Oh gosh Nyomi is too cute can I kidnap you.

Nyomi is Amazayn in every way how can you not have a crush on her.

Damn look at Nyomi all fine and chiz.
by The almighty all knowing April 26, 2014
A unique name parents give the third child following common names like Eric and Ashley.
Wife: What should we name our 3rd child?
Husband: Well the first two have boring names.... How about Cinnamon?
Wife: Umm No. How about Nyomi?
Husband: I still like the name Cinnamon.
by Captainbearhugz May 06, 2013
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