Group of horny Asian hoes craving sexual intercourse with white Caucasian men. "Touch touch" and "Gimme gimme" are just some of the phrases they use.
"Look at those nymphs! We're going to be tonight...perhaps they will make us some egg rolls as well..."
by killthe2witches December 21, 2009
One thing I learned in English while doing the Greek Myth unit: A nymph is a whore- that can turn into a tree.

I think that is rather funny.
When I learned that- I started calling my friend Alex a 'nymph'- evwen though she is NOT in any ways at all a hoe- I just feel that- that term suits her for some odd reason..........

She can't turn into a tree either- I wih she did though- that would be savage.
by Remy's Bitch February 07, 2005

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