Nyima- beautiful, kind, good, pure, desirable, upright, honor...etc. Nyima is a very revered name in West Africa with presence in at least ten countries. Nyima is a very productive word; it can be a noun, verb or adjective. The meaning for Nyima is always positive and may be a prefix, suffix or a stand alone word.
Noun-Beauty, purity, etc

Adjective- beautiful, kind, pure, respectful, polite etc
eg. Mussu Nyima=beautiful woman, beautiful lady
eg. Dinding Nyima= beautiful child

Make good, make nice, make pure etc
eg. "A fama Nyima"= Honors his/her father
by Mandinmoree March 10, 2016
A name for a strong and beautiful woman. The name means "essence of moonflower". In the Seychelles, moonflowers are considered to be sacred, sent to the world by the Moon herself. Once a year, on the evening of the 12th full moon of the year, moonflowers are ritually distilled into an oil of their essence. The sweet smelling oil is called "Nyima" and is used to annoint the foreheads of the 6 young women who are ordained as Priestesses of the Moon on this auspicious night.
Nyima is a gift of the Moon Goddess.
by Gwynedd March 10, 2016
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