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1. To fuck shit up, make shit better
2. Funny word
Fucking nyar that shit mang
by yanar December 07, 2004
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Person1: Yay I WIN!
Person2: NYAR!
by dwFirebolt99 August 29, 2005
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panda::: NYAR dammit. gimme bamboo.
by yoshiko August 18, 2007
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NYAR is a derivative of the word NYAY and YAR. NYAY is commonly associated with bouts of excitement and overwhelming joy. Yar is typically associated with pirates as in "YAR Matie!"

NYAR is a hybrid of the two. Conveying a sense of excitement in a pirate like manner. It is the main battle cry of somone who wishes to illustrate to their doomed victim that they are about be plundered by a group consisting of at least one or more pirate like personalities, who may or may not be bringing tehir friends.
Whilst playing Ogame Andy found the perfect fleet to kill.
Player 1- Please don't attack me im just a new guy to the game
Andy- NYAR!!!!!
by Darkriftz April 25, 2006
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The expression that a confused dinosaur makes.
"You're supposed to be extinct, you're closest evolutionary ancestor is the chicken, and you're celebrity look-alike is a fat, gay, purple guy named Barney."

by Big D. Atwofford October 11, 2011
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the point of excitement just before an orgasm
i was just about to ejaculate and screamed nyar
by AFLiam2011 August 05, 2011
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