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The act or pleasure from masturbating to pornography or pornographic images you have not seen for a long period of time.

(Usually directed toward internet porn where the long and somewhat never ending links to pornography make it statistically improbable to unintentionally find the same video, image, or file twice.)
Holden Caulfield felt much better about his life after feeling nutstalgia when he used the same issue of Playboy he first found the day he discovered masturbation while cleaning his boarding room's attic.
by Rm327 April 20, 2010
When a group of girls reminisce on past penis experiences.
Girl 1: What's wrong
Girl 2: I'm just having serious nutstalgia right now
Girl 1: Nutstalgia for whom?!
Girl 2: From that one night I hooked up with Kevin Hart
Girl 1: **Shocked**
by NUTZNBUTTZ March 30, 2015

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