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A girl that is a bitch/hoe/slut/Boppa at your lunch table and or work place. Has a great body from the feet up with either blond or brown hair. Wears extensive earings and lives in a gated community.
Wow that girls hot! (Freind1) Naa man that girls at Nut juggling thunder cunt, she sits at my lunch table. (Friend2) Oh thats a shame. (Friend1)

"At lunch table" Dude did you see the new Tosh.o last night?(Friend1) Omg why would you watch that show!(Nut juggling thunder cunt)
by nutbustn69 April 11, 2011
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A woman with a knack for juggling testicles who also has a very loud vagina.
Have you met Susan? She is such a nut juggling thunder cunt. I have once seen her juggle 5 testicles while her cunt sounded like a fog horn.... It was so loud it shook the ground beneath her.
by that guy... remember?? December 08, 2010

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