Top Definition
Nasty, Disgusting, Gross. Usually pertaining to a woman.

Other uses:
Nuss, Nuss-Nuss, Puss-nusty, 'sup nuss
"Ugh, that's nusty"

"Damn, he beat cheeks? That bista is nusty."
"Hey, sometimes you just gotta get that puss-nuss, ya feel me?"
by Your Boy Stoops August 30, 2007
The complete opposite of nasty. Nusty is something that absolutely sucks, as opposed to something nasty that is damn good.
Dude, why'd you throw that beer on me and think it was cool. That was outright nusty.
by BigWormCity March 07, 2008
when someone is better than others, slays, spits fire, has bars, great hair and a gorgeous booty they are nusty. it is used as a compliment, if someone says you're nusty they are saying you are hot, or have great features.
"Taylor is the queen of nust."
"damn those girls always be lookin so nusty."
by Queenbitcheress July 23, 2015
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