When you're out on a beach and a runaway surf board hits you just below the nose.
Omg! Ryan! You've been nurfed! Let's get you to the hutpital down the street!
by iheartchocolatemilk October 28, 2010
NOTE: I have no idea how to spell the word

When something is downgraded.
Does less damage.
Usually a Gaming term for FPS.
Welp, Looks like the Developers are going to nurf the ASM1. Welp. I officially hate Advanced Warfare.
by SWAP Pipz June 23, 2016
adj. something you say when someone does something stupid.
person 1: "I just accidentally deleted all my music"
person 2: "haha! NURF!"
by d e April 24, 2008
A man who plays with little boys balls.
Man 1: Did you see that buy over there playing with that boys balls?
Man 2: What a Nurf.
by Nerothis September 27, 2010
a person that shows up at a formal event in a T-shirt and jeans and pretends to be important.
Look at the guy in the brown T-shirt sitting in the brides maid's seat...the Nurf!
by ksrgn August 03, 2008
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