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Nurfed is a well established online gaming guild that is currently focused on World of Warcraft. Nurfed first gained popularity in Dark Ages of Camelot through some very impressive gaming and went on to perform well in other games such as Final Fantasy online. Nurfed's breakthrough came in World of Warcraft beta where they gained much popularity due to the guild leader Indalamar and his infamous 'warrior pwnage video'. Nurfed currently plays on the Dethecus server where they continue to strive to be one of the best guilds in the game.

Nurfed is also very well known for its User Interface designed by one of their members, Tivoli. Nurfed UI has surpassed hundred of thousand downloads and has established itself as one of the best user interfaces in the game of World of Warcraft.
On our way to Onyxia's Lair we ran into a full Nurfed raid, it wasn't pretty.
by Xangbarg August 11, 2006
A popular phrase used in numerous World of Warcraft servers as means to challenge someone to a 5 versus 5 Player versus Player deathmatch. The phrase quickly became a common term in flame wars and trash talking on the public World of Warcraft forums between various guilds trying to establish who's stronger.
Guild 1: You guys are having problems with Magmadar? That's pretty bad...
Guild 2: It's not like you're doing much better.
Guild 1: Better than you that's for sure...
Guild 2: Oh yeah? Got 5?
by Xangbarg August 11, 2006

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