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An acronym for Non Uniform Rational B-Splines, especially when used in the gaming industry to define how graphics are rendered in a game.
1) Did you hear that Nintendo's next console will utilize NURBS??
by Aurel Lazar September 03, 2005
Non Useful Ridiculous Bull Shit
1 - I have done lot of NURBS today.
2 - Stop giving me such NURBS.
3 - You need to finish these NURBS by tomorrow.
#crap #scheisse #modeling #cad #shit
by Emam January 09, 2006
A nurb is someone so noobish that not even a narb will satisfy the need. Nurb is an obscure way to call a noob annoyingly funny without actually saying it.
That dudes' a nurb. Ran into the Armadyl boss room without a bow.
#noob #narb #armadyl #runescape #stupidly funny
by wizkidd684 June 19, 2009
A nice/jokey way of calling said person a noob or idiot.
It is mainly used in conversation with friends.
"Apheria, you're such a nurb"

"Wow, quit being a nurb Aphex"
#nurb #noob #idiot #stupid #joke #friendly #imbecile #moron #juvenile.
by Bluesal October 08, 2014
This word describes a lot of stuff. A noob, a shoe, a cool person or a Macki. Now, the forth is the most dangerous one. The king of nurbs is known as Macki.
That guy is a real nurb.
#nurb #macki #mackidonia #fail #king
by Mackeh March 23, 2008
Ganxsta: a person who talks shit about someone behind their back and sucks up to them to their face. Also spends all day inside on the computer or playing video games. Also see fag or nub.
That shit head said I kicked ass, he was talking to me on the computer, what a nurb.
by Gangsta February 01, 2005
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