A female prostitute.

Etymology: Since the Elizabethan era, the word "nun" has been slang for a prostitute, likely due to anti-Catholic sentiment engendered by Protestant reformers outraged by the corruption of the Medieval church. (Modern reference: William Faulkner, "Requiem for a Nun"). A nunnery referred to a brothel.

See also: Abbess, Bordello, Brothel, Crib, Humpty dump, Nunnery, Whorehouse]
"When Hamlet impugns Ophelia 'Get thee to a nunnery,' the salaciousness of the remark can only be undertood if one knows that a 'nun' was Elizabethan slang for whore and a nunnery was a whorehouse."

Tobias St, Lazare, "Who Will Walk With William? Shakespeare for Students?" (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1967)
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
Nun, someone of an A-sexual behavior, one who is afraid of intimacy. He/She prides themselves in being the "Good one". Distant and terrified of anything that looks like a relationship. One who may be self conscious, and have bad self esteem.
"She says shes a virgin, but really shes a nun!
by Muhamond March 18, 2007
Sarcastic term for a promiscuous woman or a prostitute.
Becky's such a dirty nun.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
Jesus' fangirls.

Like most fangirls, they devote their lives to worshipping thier fictional lover.
OMG TI5 J3SUS! ^_^ I Luv U, I Wr0te A Ya01 fA|\|fIc aB0ut U!!1!!11! MaRRy mE U seXy b1TcH.
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005
Nun is like "fool" or "idiot" but ruder. You can say it at the dinner table without being told off though, it's not that bad. Everyone can say Nun, except Nuns. Nuns cannot call Nuns Nuns, just as you cannot call a Nun a Nun, otherwise people will just go; "yeah, thanks for stating the obvious mate."
1)Egon: "Yo Sam!"
Sam: "Go away you Nun."
2)Sam: "Oi, Daniel, pass the pepper corns."
*Daniel drops the pepper corns*
Sam: "Oh you prick, I wanted to eat those pepper corns, your such a Nun."
Daniel: "Don't be so mean, it was an accident."
Sam: "NUN!"
3) Townie in the street: "I fucked yo mama!"
Sam: "Your mum's a Nun."
by Sam101 October 02, 2004
To have sexual intercourse analy.

Because nuns like it up the ass.
I'd do her like a nun on Sunday!
I'd make her a nun tonight!
I'd give her a royal nunning.
by Dr. Steve Von Steve September 08, 2004

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