When you use the bathroom for urination it's number one.
When you use it to defecate its number two.
When you use it to masturbate its number three.
Number one - Gold like the sun'
Number two - going poo
Number three - the devil sets my sperm free
I just went number three on myself.
by VegSXEBassist August 13, 2007
Urinating (number one) and defecating (number two) simultaneously.
Joe: Damn I got to go.
Jim: Number one or number two?
Joe: Both, bro'.. number three!
by Joe Bone March 08, 2005
diarrhea. it is like a number one, but it is also like a number two. hence, number three.
Man, after that spicey chicken wing eating contest, I had flaming number three for like, two weeks.
by Dethbringer September 13, 2005
To jackoff. Number one is to take a piss. number two is to shit and number three is to jackoff.
I got a do number three.
by Deep blue 2012 May 17, 2010
Using your mobile phone while sitting on the toilet, long after you've finished going number one or two.
Man, he's been in the bathroom forever. He must be going number three.
by marcobenvoglio June 16, 2016
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