diarrhea. it is like a number one, but it is also like a number two. hence, number three.
Man, after that spicey chicken wing eating contest, I had flaming number three for like, two weeks.
by Dethbringer September 13, 2005
To jackoff. Number one is to take a piss. number two is to shit and number three is to jackoff.
I got a do number three.
by Deep blue 2012 May 17, 2010
The act of masturbating into a toilet.
He said he was going to the restroom for a number three.
by mrhh69 May 13, 2015
Its diarrhea because it has the fluid of pee but it still is poop.
Male number 1: Yo man last night after dinner i had some bad number three it stinked up the whole bathroom.

Male Number 2:Damn man i never want to have a number 3
by malima August 19, 2014

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