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REALLY good person - fun , to make you happy, warm and loved
I want my NUM NUMS! I went to Cleveland and snuggled with my nums.
by JT987 December 22, 2008
Delicious or yummy food; usually spoken to child or pet during feeding or before a snack.
She gave her child some delicious numnums to snack on.
Good boy Fido. Now Come get your numnum.
Open your mouth (hangar) the airplane is coming in for a landing carrying some yummy numnums.
by BJHWord September 13, 2012
Similar to "Noms" but used for sweet things like Ice Cream or Candy.
All your Num-Num's are belong to me!
by DietBroccoli December 10, 2008
some good ass food, snack or treats
-guess what?
- what?
-nigha im eating some num nums.
-what kind?
by Tw Rokz February 11, 2010
1-Another term for a best-friend or a broski. Someone you do everything with or talk to A LOT. Someone who you'll never let go to (or have a very hard time doing it) and can sometimes be a very bad influence.

Warning: Huge chance you're going to fall in love with him/her at some point of time.

2- A noise you make when eating.
1- Maddie: "Hey, do you know Raven? She's so cool! Does a ton of drugs though..."

Reba: "Yeah, I know her. She's my Numnums you know."

2- Jake *eating pizza* Numnums...Numnums....Numnums....
by TheViolaPlayingPizza June 17, 2011
1. To express satisfaction.
Either after you eat a damn good piece of chocolate or just when you wake up from a good-nights sleep.
by Amanda and Jackie January 29, 2003
Being in a tender mood
Saibot: Numnnumnum
Herpina: Omnomnomnom?
Saibot: Not omnomnom. There's a difference.
Saibot: num num <3
by Noob_Saibot November 15, 2011