A slang term used to describe a white person. The word originates from the white meat found in a chicken nugget and of course its resemblance to the word “nigger”. Considered offensive to most white folk it is commonly accepted amongst “wiggers”.
White man: Hey! That's my bike!
Black man: Screw you nugger!
You're a nugger 'til you die
If you're a poor nugger, then you're a poor ngger
If you're a rich nugger, you're a rich nugger
But you never stop being a nugger
And if you get to be educated, you's an education nugger

It's plain to see, you can't change me
'Cause I'm a be a nugger for Life
by Chicken McNugger February 21, 2008
Top Definition
A person who smokes crack like no tomorrow. They are called nuggers because of always jonesing you for a nug. The word nug comes from the way a little chunk of crack looks like.
Nugger: hey man you got a nug?
Dealer: How much money you got?
Nugger: None, I just need a little nug. I promise I'll pay you back.
by Thabaws25 June 21, 2011
People who take your nuggets and hog the barbecue sauce.
You goddamn nuggers! Give me back my barbecue sauce!
by The_Noah June 11, 2010
an obese black man
kid:mommy what do you call an extremely obese black man?
mom: that would be a nugger, honey.
by daisydaisydaisyyyyyy September 08, 2010
Another term for male gonads aka ball sack. Specifically small balls, but can be used to describe anyone's balls.
Girl: Damn it Dave, your nuggers are hanging out of your shorts, go put some underwear on!

Dave: Suck my nugs!

Girl: I'm gonna kick you in the nugs if you don't get some underwear on!
by SummerGirl <3 July 05, 2014
Someone with earlobes connected to the side of their head.
Person: Are you Nugger or Non-Nugger?

Other Person: Shaddup you nugger.
by RekkyRekky June 18, 2015
A human who posseses a head as a dick and a face as an alien vagina
"Dag yo... your a nugger foe rizzle"

"word homie .... did you just see that nugger?"
by Jushalina December 04, 2004
Another word for nigger slightly less racist
"that n--nugger stole my money"
by mjugugiu June 25, 2015

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