To wait until the last fucking minute to get in traffic from an HOV lane.
That asshole nudged me at the last second, and almost tore off my bumper.
by Lawrence P April 18, 2008
An attractive woman of legal age of consent

A vocal substitution for the common arm movement associated with trying to get another's attention.

Common male practice when in a loud bar is to nudge one's friend with an arm and point, either with a raise of the chin or casual hand motion, to draw attention to an attractive women as often vocal communication is difficult.

"Yo, check out that nudge."

"There were mad nudges out last night."

"The party would have been better if all those jibbles had been nudges."
by skeetor May 25, 2007
msn sound alert when somebody want you to pay attention
(when you're busy on msn) i am studying if you want something nudge me

by PabloCDZ May 22, 2007
To crap or shart oneself
Person A: Boomer, Jerry, and myself went over to the Taco Bell on Cedar Avenue and had dinner. Lets just say we're calling Jerry "The Nudge" now for a valid reason.
Person B: Oh, no! Did Jerry "nudge" himself?
Person A: It looked like a roadmap to El Segundo.
by willy limp lump November 15, 2007
a really irritating way 2 start a convo
gay boy: nudge
me: cnt u jus say hi?
The most bad ass radio host ever. Period

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Hunter: "Yo did you tune in to the nudge at night show last night? Nudge prank called a chinese restraunt!"

James: "Nudge? Isn't that slang for the police? Why the hell are the po po doing that?"

Hunter: "No! Nudge like the nudge at night show! He is hands down the best Radio host ever."
by Hunt587 July 28, 2009
To fuck.

(A term usually used by Australian's.)
"Yeah, after the party we went for a lil nudge in my car. I told her to suck muh cahck."
by Hit me up, I got joo mane! June 11, 2005

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