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When someone in university is not taking a full course load, which ends up giving them too much free time when everyone else hardly has any free time.
Similar to being in summer school but during the regular school year.
Joe: "Why are you so free man? Winter exams are coming up."
Aazam: "School in July, baby."
by Aaz January 16, 2006
a) An individual who is player hating.
i.e. Someone who is rude or insulting to someone else for no apparent reason.

b) someone who is a hata of someone else's style

Aaz: "Dude, your jeans are ball huggers; no wonder all the chicks run away from you"
Adam: "Shut up, man. Don't be a flex-style hata."
by Aaz February 15, 2006
To flirt, specifically on MSN
((:S)) you got nudged, so vibrated that you got an erection woooweee
by Aaz March 28, 2005
Modern term for beers. Usually used by people who don't get laid, but still accepted and used by those that do get laid.
Pop some pussies in the fridge.
Yo lets pound some pussies before we head out.
by Aaz March 28, 2005
An exclamation showing boredome; used in regularity to break the silence; can be considered to cause annoyance, however used more effectively when appreciated by the other party.
Jerry: you bored or some shit?
Tom: BRRRAPppPP yeah, man
by Aaz November 23, 2003
A way in which to give mad props to another person.
Elbows should touch in recognition that you appreciate and recognize the other indivdual.
"I fucked a girl tonight."
"Elbows man. Whhhaattt.." <elbows should touch>
by Aaz March 28, 2005

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