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A third nipple
So he took off his shirt, and right in the middle of his chest was a nubin
by bkeeffe October 20, 2010
44 20
The ends of a pepperoni or pepperette
I don't want the nubin
by MasonQ November 23, 2010
12 9
The little piece of hair that grows in front of your ears.
Or, alternately, the first section of hair cut in a haircut.
"Snip the little nubin first" - Kelly Moody
by Princess Whitney April 23, 2006
33 31
a small, erect penis
He may have a small dick, but he claims it's a nubin of fury.
by lttle benjy September 17, 2006
41 42
The little lump on my right wrist that is my friend.
Raj: keep tht nubin away from me westwood!
Westwood: sorry it has a mind of its own
by The better Westwood June 16, 2008
5 13
small bit of hair directly in front of your ear...
A nubin can be curled and left down for an up-do
by jesifizzle April 23, 2006
24 32
That little Mouse on some laptops that appears in the middle of the keyboard
Check out this rockin nubin!
by Dane Johns November 09, 2005
21 29