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A person that has perma-fried their brain through either drugs or alcohol. Stems from the latin root numer, meaning number, shows that an individual has destroyed a large number of brain cells
That guy smoked so much he Nubered his mind, I don't think he can function at a level on par with the average 8 year old.
by David Fern June 12, 2008
a cross between a nerd and a goober. Totally book smart but socially so inadequate that he/she cannot funtion in a group of more than one person.
Susan is married to the biggest nuber. He can quickly clear a room similar to a skunk at a picnic.
by jlyons October 19, 2008
the name given to a person who has little or no intelligence.
so much so they can't even spell the word number.
you are the biggest nuber i have ever met!!

by youhavepooinyourmouth November 03, 2007
an uber nube, an extreme novice
Etymology: nerdy online PC gamer language, from German uber meaning super
Synonyms: homosexual, jackass, moron
Antonyms: badass, 31337 mo'er fucker
People who waste their lives at LanWerx are nubers.
by Cody September 08, 2003
pronounced noober

a shortened version of the term uber noob

to be uberly noobish at something
Look at John. He lost in Halo to my dog. He is so nuber.

mark slipped and fell down in the mud. what a nuber.
by automuffin August 31, 2010
anything that is a noun. Can be used as a very offensive insult or a compliment. Can also be used to describe something that is really cool. Or it can just be used to describe anything period. Can also be used as an adjective. Actually, nuber can be used however you feel like it.
Wow, did you see him? He was such a Nuber!

Stop being a nuber.

That is one fine nuber.

Your being nuber-ly today.
by Anonymous April 20, 2005
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