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Nub is a slang term for a woman's clit. Nubbin' is the act of going down on a woman and...Well...You get the picture...
So, I was down on this chick, totally nubbin' her...
by bongo44 June 07, 2007
pet term for loved one
how's my sweet nubbins?
by f pray December 08, 2004
The act of have sex while your penis is still in your underwear. Any type of penetration where you leave your erection in your boxers.
You go to a sporting event, you meet some rando, you dont have a condom and you don't want your love stick to get sludged on so, you NUBB it. NUBBIN is not a sport it is a pleasure.

"I just totally NUBBED some girl!"
by Deuce Davenport September 26, 2011
A third nipple on the chest of someone
Bobby is deformed, look when he takes his shirt off we see he has a nubbin!
by nubbalicous July 23, 2005
The attempt of stealing someone's significant other.
Don't be nubbin up on my girl.
Dude, you be nubbin!
Dang! I be nubbin that.
by String Ray April 08, 2013
another name for tiny boobies
"dude look at how small the nubbins are on that chick"
by Jennifer- Heather Monroe June 12, 2008
Nubbin': (Also known as afterpain) Is an intense nuckle punch leading to severe pain or handicap after about 10 seconds of receiving the nubbin'.

A nubbin' is given by bending the middelfinger and the index finger and preferably punching the recipient in the shoulder, all though most other boney places should give the same effect.
Nina: Guess what i have i my hands!

Anna: i dont know, what?

Nina: NUBBIN'S!!!

Anna: HA! That didn't even hurt

Nina: Wait for iiittt.....


Nina: Theeere we go.
by Nubbin411 January 17, 2013