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best boxed food product of all time. The box also sports the image of a sexy chef dude, who is believed to be the husband of Aunt Jamima
I'm gonna go eat some cream of wheet
by Joe February 12, 2003
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A porn that depicts a colored man in a cream of wheat box getting his male genitalia worked by a white voluptuous 80's porn star female with a a white gentleman in a toast costume dancing in a very peculiar manner.
Scenario. When standing with friends and talking.
You: The funny thing about cream of wheat is...
Person A: What are you talking about?
Person B: OMG (Bust out laughing).
Person A: Whats so funny?
by s13_coupekilla September 27, 2010
The mixture of a man's semen and a female's yeast infection.
I was going down on my girl and got a mouthful of "cream of wheat".
by Rusty Harwood March 13, 2009
The look of the substance that enters a males pants when aroused. The outcome product resembles cream of wheat.
Man that girl was so hot I just had cream of wheat.
by Pattypat johnson November 06, 2006
wheat that has been made disgusting
the french call it bleh - and for good reason
by Bronoun September 20, 2004
Very nasty stuff.
I hate cream of wheat
by Saints September 29, 2003

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