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Pronounced: new-bay-kun

A delicious snack in which bacon is either smothered or dipped in nutella. In other cases, bacon bits may be mixed into nutella and eaten with a spoon or finger (in most cases, the latter).

Varieties of this snack include nuturkey (turkey with nutella), nusalami (salami with nutella), or nutortilla (a tortilla filled with nutella). Most sandwich meats make a good combination with nutella.
Person 1: "I'm really hungry, man. But I have bacon in one hand and a bowl full of nutella in the other. What ever shall I do??"

Person 2: "I suggest you fuse the nutella and bacon to make a new, splendiforous treat called nubacon."

Person 1: "Oh my goodness gracious lord almighty this is SO TASTY."
by goldstars February 16, 2011
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