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A military slang word for coffee. November stands for the letter "N" and Juliet the letter "J". The letters NJ would be short for the words "Nigger Juice". Which is given because of the coffees dark apperance.
Damm, killing all that Hadgi sure did make me tired, better make a cup of some November Juliet
by Slovich August 13, 2008
A marine code for nigger juice from the HBO series Generation Kill
Hey man give me a sip you that November Juliet.
by Geaux Tigers August 12, 2008
November Juliet in connotative terms, means coffee. It is derived from the military phonetic alphabet for N&J. N, Novemeber=Nigger. J, Juliet=Juice. Nigger Juice is slang for coffee in the Marine Corps.
"Hitman actual needs something to get him through the day. Do you think that darkee over there is capable of making a decent pot of November Juliet?"

"In the opinion of the Marine, drinking anything made by a darkee is asking for trouble. I would try to find a Starbucks or something else."
by Hitman 2 actual August 11, 2008
November Juliet is an American Army Slang for Coffee.

The origin is the initials NJ stand for Nigger Juice.
Luke: "Hey Chris, Do you want sum November Juliet?"
Chris: "Yeah Sure but i like mine black, no sugar."
by Rastaman36 May 17, 2009
Phonetic alphabet talk that stands for Nigger Juice, while being discreet and/or unoffensive
yo Steve pass the November Juliet

by FPS JORGE August 10, 2008
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