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Scottish term for a dodger, junkie, alcoholic
Did you see that jakey on the back of the bus?
yeah with his eyes rolled in the back of his head the shit stains on his jeans.
by Rastaman36 May 16, 2009
November Juliet is an American Army Slang for Coffee.

The origin is the initials NJ stand for Nigger Juice.
Luke: "Hey Chris, Do you want sum November Juliet?"
Chris: "Yeah Sure but i like mine black, no sugar."
by Rastaman36 May 17, 2009
A game played by two or more individuals. The aim of the game the game is to get as much sand on or inside your body by lying still in the sea and letting the waves roll over you. Th winner of the game is the person with most sand in each orifice.
Guy1:"I'm the king of sand niggers!"
Guy2:" No clearly im the king of sand niggers i got way more sand in my eyes!!
by Rastaman36 May 17, 2009
When one defecates instead of farting.
Dude, i just did a shorty. Man i thought it was safe.
Bro you better clean that up before it creeps down your leg
by Rastaman36 May 16, 2009
A term used for your penis when it is exposed to cold conditions. This is due to the temporarily small size which your penis adopts
Guy1: "Jesus the sea is freezing"
Guy2: "Tell me about it i just got Paki Dick!"
Guy1: "Better go warm up before it becomes permanent!"
by Rastaman36 May 17, 2009

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