The annual holiday in which you are required to celebrate by drinking, smoking cigars, and finding everything hilarious. Participants usually harass others who are not celebrating and encourage those are not to "grab and beer." Glitter is usually encouraged.
Charlie and Steph did November 4th right by drinking early and celebrating until midnight.
by Hannesnsparkles November 14, 2007
Top Definition
The annual holiday celebrated by a full day's worth of drinking. Participants usually cheers it to "November 4th" before each drink. In addition, one is encouraged to ask others what the date is. The correct response, "November 4th baby."
Charlie and Steph did November 4th right by drinking from dawn to dusk, and spreading the joy by shouting "HAPPY NOVEMBER 4th!!!" to strangers. The hangover the following day was well worth the celebration.
by GlitterQueen December 09, 2007
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