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Nouv, is a British perjorative term, an abbreviation of Nouveau Riche, to describe people who ostentatiously display their newly acquired wealth in the most tacky obvious ways - like adding large porticos to a bungalow or parking their new 4x4 in the street not their garage. Tacky, bad taste, more money than sense, cant handle the wealth. the opposite of "Old Money"
The new neighbours were Nouvs, they painted their dustbins in gold leaf and installed porticos on the dog kennel
by Catchmentsilk November 05, 2010
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Nouv is a unique name of Cambodian decent meaning "stay." People named Nouv are generally quiet, and generous guys who have been through many struggles in life. They stand up for themselves, and don't take shit from people. underneath their gangster mentality is a sensitive and caring man who is really trying to have a better life for himself. People named Nouv also are very sexy and attract many woman, but once they find their one true love, they are romantic and loyal to that special person.
It's no wonder his name is Nouv, he's such a tough guy, but is so caring once you get to know him better!
by saas9 February 04, 2010

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