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Another way to say zero. Not used very often.
Bill: Nought... One...
Jim: Nought?
Bill: Zero, dammit!
by Anonymous March 20, 2005
no, nothing, not really, never.. basically a negative answer to simple questions.
Are you going out tonight? Nought..
Where you there? Nought.. decieded to gve last night a miss..
by missmac@ya March 24, 2009
South African English slang meaning negative or no.
Q: Did you know what nought meant before using the Urban Dictionary?

A: Nought.
by gags April 21, 2004
It means arsehole/bumhole
Mate, I was just fucking her and she pulled it out and put it up her nought!
by Edwardo89 January 13, 2011
a woman's back passage that you want to get all up in
"I'd tongue that nought"
by big snoop dogg November 28, 2004
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