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1. To have a sudden burst of emotion.
2. Another name for independantly triggered orgasms.
" HVDjvsdhvvhsajf SPAZGASM "
by Pez May 14, 2004
term used to insult straight dudes like ur nothing but a gay mans dick snack speaks for itself
"Dude ur sucha dick snack"
by PEZ May 05, 2004
When Rosado does something appaling or I can't believe
Rosado tried to correct my grammar when he was wrong... d'oh!!!
by pez February 21, 2005
The place where you can chat with the chat people. Where everyone is naked. You can find people who dont want to go out side and the famous liteop. In the corner of this place is a place where u find a pile of clothes burning. And Pez is in there. You may speak to 'The Other' there as well.
Pez` gwuffy roadie atomicbutterfly angelskies DrSpaz 'the others' and many more
by Pez February 14, 2005
a place in the middle of freakin no where
and where cow tippin is the national past time
and where ppl moo at u in high school
In hight school....

Alex: so where are u from ?
Johnny: D ware
by Pez November 30, 2003
Expression of sadness or ownedness. Also used to make someone feel bad. Often placed after 'Pwned' or 'Owned'
Person A was killed by Person B
Person B: Owned
Person B: T.T
by pez June 26, 2003
when your partner (as in sex) farts and wont let you get out from under the overs. It must suck!
Yo i am so going to dumb bob cuz he turtled me last night.
by pez October 25, 2003

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