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A step far, far below the friendzone. This is where someone who knows you're attracted to them takes methodical steps to essentially cut you off completely. Generally, this occurs after you've told them about how you feel, but not always- it can happen spontaneously and without any real reason. This may occur with any gender or sexual orientation.

The only good news about the nothingzone is that it is immensely easy to determine you've been placed there by the person in question, and making a determination on your end is brutally simple. Just for the sake of accuracy and integrity, here is a list of things to watch out for:

1. Lack of response to *occasional* contact from you. I'm not talking about spamming them (don't do that. seriously.), I'm talking about reasonable attempts to maintain some kind of normal communication.

2. They create excuses to not hang out with you. If you notice that they use the same excuse frequently, or if they really start to stretch logic to create new ones, that's an issue.

3. They make it obvious that they're hanging out with everyone else except you.

I can handle getting friendzoned. In that scenario, someone's at least down to still hang out with you and stay on good terms. The loss of a friend always sucks, but you have no choice but to dust yourself off and keep living.
"Hey, have you heard from xxxx lately?"

"No... texted him/her like 3 weeks ago, tried calling yesterday, still nothing. We used to hang out and talk all the time, so this seems kind of weird. I have no idea what's going on."

"Hate to break it to you, but sounds like you've been nothingzoned."
by foreveralone000 August 03, 2013
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